Leaderman LDM-LOKHASP25 Vinyl-Coated Lockout Hasp (25mm)


£8.99 / £10.79 incl VAT

⚡ Made of high-quality tensile steel with protection against rusting
⚡ The hasps are reliable and dependable, for industrial environments with a demand
⚡ 12 Month Leaderman Warranty
⚡ The hasp is extremely difficult to remove without the keys attached to the padlocks
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Leaderman LDM-LOK25 Vinyl-Coated Lockout Hasp (25mm)

Product Details:

The Leaderman LDM-LOK25 Vinyl-Coated Lockout Hasp (25mm), a robust solution designed to enhance safety and security in industrial environments by preventing unauthorized access to energy sources. This high-quality lockout hasp allows for the attachment of up to six padlocks, ensuring comprehensive isolation and protection.

  • Enhanced Safety: Attach the Lockout Hasp around a lockout isolation point to prevent access to energy sources, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment during maintenance or repair procedures.
  • Premium Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials with protection against rusting, the LDM-LOK25 Lockout Hasp offers reliability and durability, making it ideal for demanding industrial environments.
  • Convenient Design: Featuring a scissor action for easy installation, this lockout hasp streamlines the lockout process, saving time and effort during implementation.
  • Improved Grip and Visibility: The padlock fixing section is coated in red vinyl, providing better grip and visibility for enhanced safety awareness in industrial settings.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The hasp accepts padlocks with a shackle diameter of up to 9mm and a shackle thickness of 5mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of padlock types for added flexibility.

Upgrade your safety protocols with the Leaderman LDM-LOK25 Vinyl-Coated Lockout Hasp (25mm), providing reliable and dependable lockout solutions for industrial environments with demanding safety requirements.

  • Max shackle diameter: 6.35mm.
  • Jaw diameter: 25mm.
  • Dimensions: 44mm x 114mm
  • Leaderman Vinyl-Coated Lockout Hasp LOK25