Leaderman LDM-LOD-KR Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB Lock Off/Lockout Kit


£17.50 / £21.00 incl VAT

⚡ Includes Padlock, Tags and a carry case

⚡ For use with all circuit boards 

⚡ Perfect For Engineers Or Electricians

⚡ 12 Month Leaderman Warranty

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Product Details: 

This Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Kit is for use with all circuit boards, this MCB Lockout can be adjusted using a small screwdriver to fit securely on the circuit breakers. 

To use, firstly attach the MCB Lockout to the circuit breaker, then use a screwdriver to make sure it doesn’t fall off the circuit breaker.

There is a hole for the given padlock to go through, the Circuit breaker would then be completely locked from access. 

Padlock Instructions:

The combination lock’s factory code is 0-0-0, you can keep this code, or you can set your own password.

To set your own password keep the padlock open then set the numbers to the desired combination. (do not forget the password you have set)

Now you can close the lock hook, change the numbers to any random numbers, your padlock is now locked.

In order to unlock your padlock set then numbers the chosen password.

  • LMTAG3 Lockout tags x 2
  • LMCPL1 Red Metal padlocks x 2
  • LDMMCB Metal miniature MCBs x 2
  • LDMC50 Pouch x 1 


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