Martindale CABLOK1BL Adjustable Cable Lockout


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⚡ Adjustable wire allows locking off of multiple breakers, switches and valves

⚡ The Integrated hasp has space for six separate padlocks

⚡ Ideal for ensuring multiple workers are protected from impromptu energisation

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Product Details:

The Martindale CABLOK1BL Adjustable Cable Lockout is a useful tool for locking out multiple breakers, switches and valves during maintenance. As part of a safe isolation procedure, it prevents the circuit from being powered back up and therefore posing a danger to workers.

The Martindale CABLOK1BL has a flexible, PVC-insulated, multi-stranded steel cable that adjusts so the user can choose the correct length. Once properly adjusted, locking out requires a simple squeeze action. The built-in hasp has space for up to six padlocks – ideal for multiple electricians – and the lock constitutes an elegant solution for locking off switches.

Key Features:

  • Locks off breakers, switches and valves
  • Adjustable steel cable
  • Integrated hasp for six padlocks
  • Lockout with simple squeeze action


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