Martindale CM82 AC Clamp Meter | 1000A AC Current, 750V AC Voltage, CAT III


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  • Manufacturers 12 month warranty
  • AC Current: Measures up to 1000A.
  • AC Voltage: Accurate readings up to 750V.
  • DC Voltage: Measures up to 1000V.
  • Resistance: Test resistance values up to 40MΩ.
  • Capacitance: Determine capacitance up to 4mF.
  • Frequency: Analyze frequencies down to 1mHz.
  • Continuity Test: 400Ω continuity test.

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Martindale CM82 AC Clamp Meter

The Martindale CM82 is a high specification 1000A clamp meter, a compact meter that provides accurate measurement of AC voltage to 750V, DC voltage to 1000V and AC current to 1000A. It is light enough for use with one hand but still robust enough for use in harsh environments.

The Martindale CM82 is performs the following measurements: resistance measurements to 40MΩ, capacitance to 4mF, frequency to 1mHz and a 400Ω continuity test and diode test.

The CM82 is both manual or auto ranging and with a large 51mm clamp jaw size opening making it suitable for use within an industrial ewnvironment where larger cables and conductors are found. The CM82 also has a hold function which stores the last reading obtained for temporary recall.

  • High Specification: The Martindale CM82 is a robust 1000A clamp meter designed for accurate measurements in demanding environments.
  • Versatile Measurements:
    • AC Current: Measures up to 1000A.
    • AC Voltage: Accurate readings up to 750V.
    • DC Voltage: Measures up to 1000V.
  • Additional Functions:
    • Resistance: Test resistance values up to 40MΩ.
    • Capacitance: Determine capacitance up to 4mF.
    • Frequency: Analyze frequencies down to 1mHz.
    • Continuity Test: 400Ω continuity test.
    • Diode Test: Verify diodes in electronic components.
  • User-Friendly Features:
    • Manual or Auto Ranging: Choose the appropriate range.
    • Large Clamp Jaw: 51mm opening for industrial cables and conductors.
    • Hold Function: Stores the last reading for temporary recall.

What’s In The Box?

Martindale CM82 AC Clamp Meter
Bespoke carry case
Set of TL16 Test Leads
9V PP3 Battery (Installed)
Instruction manual
Manufacturers 12 month warranty

All specified accuracies are at 23°C ± 5°C, <70% RH for 1 year Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per °C (0°C to 18°C, 28°C to 50°C) All accuracies below are expressed as ± (percentage of reading + digits)
DC Voltage
Range Resolution Input Impedance Accuracy
400mV 0.1mV >100MΩ 0.5% + 2
4V 0.001V 10MΩ
40V 0.01V 9.1MΩ
400V 0.1V
1000V 1V
AC Voltage
Range Resolution Input Impedance Accuracy (50Hz to 500Hz)
400mV 0.1mV >100MΩ Not specified
4V 0.001V 10MΩ 1.5% + 5
40V 0.01V 9.1MΩ
400V 0.1V
750V 1V
AC Current
Range Resolution Accuracy
50Hz to 60Hz/60 to 400Hz
40A 0.01A 2.0% + 6
3.0% + 6
400A 0.1
1000A 1A 2.0% + 6 (≤600A)
2.5% + 6 (>600A)
3.0% + 6 (≤600A)
3.5% + 6 (>600A)
Range Resolution Open Circuit Voltage Accuracy
400Ω 0.1Ω -1.2V DC 1.0% + 5
4kΩ 0.001kΩ -0.45V DC
40kΩ 0.01kΩ
400kΩ 0.1kΩ
4MΩ 0.001MΩ 2.0% + 5
40MΩ 0.01MΩ 3.5% + 5
Range Resolution Accuracy
4nF 0.001nF Not specified
40nF 0.01nF
400nF 0.1nF
4μF 0.001μF 3.0% + 15
40μF 0.01μF 3.0% + 10
400μF 0.1μF
4mF 0.001mF 5.0% + 10
Range Resolution Accuracy
4kHz 0.001kHz 0.1% + 3
40kHz 0.01kHz
400kHz 0.1kHz
1MHz 0.001MHz


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