Martindale NC3 Non-contact Voltage and Magnetic Field Tester


£26.99 / £32.39 incl VAT

⚡ Voltage and magnetic field detection

⚡ Audible and visual indication from 200V to 1000V AC

⚡ Red for voltage, yellow for magnetic fields

⚡ Extended probe for easy access

⚡ LED torch for use in low light

⚡ LED pulse and auto power off

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Product Details:

The NC3 is a non-contact voltage and magnetic field tester for accurately detecting the presence of AC voltages between 200V and 1000V. When voltages are detected, a bright red LED illuminates the clear tip of the NC3, and a buzzer sounds.

In addition to voltage detection, the NC3 can be used for testing relays and solenoid valves without having to fully dismantle the equipment. On detecting a magnetic field, a bright yellow LED illuminates the tip of the tester. Applications include troubleshooting and servicing of control equipment in process industries, energy, transportation and pneumatic and hydraulic control systems.

A built-in torch in the tip is ideal for use in low light areas clearly illuminating the area under test. Auto power off and a recessed on button ensure a long battery lifetime and the NC3 functionality also includes low battery indication.

The NC3 replaces the Martindale VT3.

Indication Range 200-100V AC
Voltage Sensitivity indicates 4mm approx. from a conductor at 240V AC
Magnetic Sensitivity > 10mT
Indication Audible and LED
Conforms to BS EN 61010-1
Supply 2x AAA batteries (included)
Weight 55g (incl. battery)
Dimensions 155mm length, approx. 25mm diameter


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