Martindale VIPDLOKPRO138-S Voltage Indicator, Proving Device & PRO Lock Kit


£276.99 / £332.39 incl VAT

⚡ The most comprehensive safe isolation solution

⚡ Includes safety voltage indicator, matching proving device & ultimate PRO lock out kit

⚡ For installations up to 600V

⚡  Part Number: MARVIPDLOK138-S

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Martindale VIPDLOK138-S Voltage Indicator, Proving Device & Lock Out Kit

Featuring a Martindale VI13800 voltage indicator, a PD440S proving unit and a selection of lockout/tagout accessories, the Martindale Voltage Indicator, Proving Device & Lock Out Kit is perfect for users carrying out safe isolation of electrical equipment.

The Martindale PD440S Proving Unit is a compact, lightweight addition for any operator performing safe isolation procedures. Ensuring tester accuracy, both poles are matched to the corresponding terminal on the device, which will then provide a continuous supply of 440V, 50Hz volts. The output will last for up to 10 seconds or less if the probe tips are removed beforehand.

The VI31800 detects voltages and the results are relayed back on the tester’s main body as LED light indicators.

The Martindale LOKKIT1 lockout kit includes everything you’ll need to get started with isolating electrical circuits breakers, with MCB lockouts, hasps and a padlock in the box.

The full 20 piece kit includes:

  • PD440S Proving device
  • VI-13800 Voltage indicator
  • PAD10R Padlock with unique key
  • CABLOK Cable lock-off
  • LOKMCB MCB Isolation lock kit (LOK1-LOK5)
  • LOK6 Cartridge fuse isolation lock
  • LOK7 Slimline grey isolation lock
  • LOK10 Yellow MCB lock, 10mm clip
  • LOK11 Red MCB lock, 8mm clip
  • LOK15 Plunge locking piece
  • LOKHASP25 Hasp
  • PL13 Appliance lock out
  • LOKMP Black marker pen
  • 5 Locked out tags
  • TC68 Soft carry case
  • TC71 Soft carry case


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