Megger 1002-015 Fused Black & Red Test Lead Set


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⚡ This Megger 1002-001 2 wire test lead set can be used for replacing or spare test lead set.
⚡ This set is designed to be used with a range of multimeters and other testers which will take 4mm connectors.
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Product Details:

Megger 1002-015 2 Wire Fused Test Leads (Red / Black)

These official Megger 2 Wire Fused Test Leads come in red and black, with a range of compatible tips, and have 4mm right-angled plugs.

Key Features:

  • Compatible Tips: 1000-562 GS38 probe tips
  • Instrument End: 4mm right-angle plugs
  • Length: 1.2m
  • Test End: 4mm safety probes with 500mA fuse and croc clips
  • Black & Red Test Leads with Safety Probes containing 500mA Fuse
  • Black & Red GS38 Probes
  • Back & Red Alligator Clips