Metrel Multifunction Tester Padded Neck strap

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Metrel Multifunction Tester Padded Neck Strap

Product Details 

  • High durability and resiliance.
  • Comfortable neck padding reduces neck-strain over prolonged periods of use.
  • Quick-release clasps for easy de/reattachment.

Capable of functioning alongside a number of different multimeters, this neck strap’s perfect for those who find themselves using a meter for extended periods of time. Measuring in at over 48 inches length, this neck strap features a pair of size adjusters to help acheive the perfect fit between you and your machine, it also includes quick release clasps for easy and efficient removal of the meter when needed. The comfortable neck padding will help protect against wear and strain upon the body over long testing sessions. While it’s durable materials ensure that the risk of breakage or accidental damage kept to an absolute minimum.

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Weight 100 g

Metrel Padded Neck strap

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