Seaward Solar AC/DC Current Clamp Transducer – 0 to 40A, 0 to 300A, Cat III 600V. 396A951


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⚡ Suitable for use with Seaward Solar PV150 and PV200 PV installation testers
⚡ Measures current up to 300A
⚡ Moving jaw clamp with maximum clamping diameter of 22mm
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Seaward Solar AC/DC PV Current Clamp Meter (396A951)

The Seaward Solar AC/DC PV Current Clamp Adaptor is suitable for Seaward Solar PV testers including the PV150 and PV200. It is capable of measuring AC/DC current from 0A to 300A with an output of 10mV / A up to 40A and 1mV / A up to 300A. AC/DC current measurement has an accuracy of ±1.9% ± 2A.

Measurements are taken via the 22mm moveable jaw clamp and the range is chosen using a simple switch on the front of the clamp. A green LED indicates that the power is on and a red LED indicates low battery. A zero function is available thanks to a push button. The clamp is easy to connect to the PV tester and is attached via a lengthy coiled cable.

The Seaward Solar PV Clamp Adaptor is supplied by a 9V battery and has a battery life of 66 hours. It has an overvoltage category rating of Cat III 600V. It comes supplied with a soft carry case.

Seaward part number: 396A951

Key Features:

  • AC/DC current range: 0 to 40A, 0 to 300A
  • AC/DC current resolution: 10mV/A (40A); 1mV/A (300A)
  • AC/DC current accuracy: ±(1% + 0.2A) ≤40A; ±(1% + 1A) ≤200A; ±(1.9% + 2A) ≤300A
  • 22mm moveable jaw clamp
  • Manual ranging
  • Zero function
  • Compatible with Seaward Solar PV150 and PV200
  • 66-hour battery life
  • Cat III 600V

What’s In The Box?

  • Seaward Solar AC/DC PV Current Clamp Adaptor
  • Soft carry case
  • Instruction manual
  • 9V battery
More Information
  • Ranges: 0 to 40A / 300A AC; 0 to 40A / 300A DC
  • Output voltage: 10mV/A for 40A range; 1mV/A for 300A range
  • Accuracy: AC/DC current accuracy: ±(1% + 0.2A) ≤40A; ±(1% + 1A) ≤200A; ±(1.9% + 2A) ≤300A
  • AC frequency: 40 to 400Hz
  • Load impedance: 10MΩ min. AC/DC
  • Position error: ±2% of reading
  • Type of sensing: Hall effect sensing for AC and DC
  • Low battery indicator: Red LED indicator
  • Power On indicator: Green LED inficator, flashing
  • Temperature co-efficient 0.2 x (Spec.acc’y) / ˚C, <18˚C or >28˚C
  • Power requirement: Single 9V battery
  • Battery life: 66 hours typical (alkaline)
  • Max/conductor size: 22mm diameter
  • Size: 66mm x 185mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Max altitude: 2000 metres
  • Installation category: IEC 61010-1 600V Cat III
  • Pollution degree: 2
  • Operating environment: 0˚C to 50˚C, <75% RH
  • Storage environment: -20˚C to 60˚C, <80% RH


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