Seaward MC4 Solar Test Lead Set (Red Lead Fused, Black Non-Fused) 396A959


£105.84 / £127.01 incl VAT

⚡ Connect Seaward PV modules and strings to multi-contact MC4 test sockets
⚡ Designed for use with Seaward PV150/PV200 solar testers
⚡ Rated safe to 1000V and 15A
⚡ Available as part of the Seaward PV100 Solar Installation Test Kit
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Seaward Solar MC4 Test Lead Set (396A959)

Product Description:

The Seaward MC4 Test Lead Set is designed for use with Seaward PV100 and PV150 Solar Testers and connect the testers’ modules/strings with multi-contact MC4 plugs and sockets with gold-plated contacts. The leads come individually or as part of Seaward’s solar test kits.

Key Features:

  • These Seaward Solar MC4 Test Leads are some of the most popular connectors for use with Solar PV installations.
  • These Seaward Solar MC4 Test Leads enable connection to PV installations which use MC4 connectors.
  • We stock Seaward Solar MC4 Test Leads as part of our money saving Seaward PV100 Solar Installation Test Kit, which contains all the equipment and accessories needed for Solar PV testing.

Seaward part number: 369A959


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