Leaderman Electricians Test Leads with retractable crocodile clips LDM204-220


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⚡ Double Skin Silicone Insulated. Bi-colored layers.

⚡ Insulation Category. Double/Reinforced.

⚡ One–year warranty

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Product Details

Suitable to fit any 4mm Universal Test Lead Connection

Will fit any test meter that has industry-standard 4mm test connections

Top Quality British Made Leads

These leads meet and exceed all current industry standards, manufactured from SILICONE they are longer lasting and more flexible than cheaper, less durable PVC versions widely available elsewhere.

These leads can withstand the heated tip of a soldering iron or naked flame from a cigarette lighter without melting the outer sheath of the lead.

Key Features:

Test Leads: Available in RED/BLACK – each lead is 1.2 meters in length

All leads have industry-standard 4mm straight connectors and 90 degrees 4mm connectors at the other helping to prevent accidental damage to the leads in the event of dropping the meter.

These are SILICONE test leads – longer lasting and more flexible

  • 1.0mm² c.s.a. 3.6mm Ø Nom.o/d
  • Multistranded flexible copper core. 7/36/0.071
  • Double Skin Silicone Insulated. Bi-colored layers.
  • IEC 61010 Rating.
  • Measurement Category. 1000V CAT III/600V CAT IV
  • Current Rating. 20 Amp
  • Insulation Category. Double/Reinforced.
  • Pollution Degree. Two (2)
  • Manufactured and tested and fully compliant to IEC61010-031:2002 (First Edition) AMD. 1:2008.

​Alligator/ Crocodile Clips

Product Details

  • Designed to prevent the slipping out of hands. Elastic, nonslip, rugged surfaces ensure comfortable & reliable grip.
  • Conforms to safety standard EN/IEC 61010-031:2002 A1:2008, CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
  • 10 A maximum, Pollution Degree 2, 3000m altitude
  • Temperature: -20C to 55C, 90% RH
  • One-year warranty


  • 2 x AC220 Alligator Clips
  • Blunt tip holds round screw heads securely
  • Insulated, nickel-plated jaws