Martindale TEK100 Non Contact Voltage Indicator


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⚡ 2 Years warranty.

⚡ Easily detects 100V to 600V AC.

⚡ Tests the entire circuit, not just the indicator LED.

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This is suitable for detecting 100V to 600V AC without requiring physical contact with the conductor.

The presence of any voltage between 100V and 600V AC will generate an audible tone, together with a red visual indication.

The integral self-test activates the sensor in the tip of the tester at 50Hz as well as checking the battery and LED. The entire circuit, not just the indicator LED, is therefore tested.

This proves that the unit is fully functional and avoids the need for a separate proving unit.


Voltage Range

100 to 600V AC.

Frequency Range

50Hz to 50kHz.


3mm for 100V, 50Hz.

23mm for 240V, 50Hz.
Distances are from the tip of the unit to a flat PVC twin core and earth cable suspended in free space.


Visual: Red LED.

Audible: 2kHz Tone.

General Specifications

Integrated self test proving unit.

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C.

Overvoltage: CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V.

Supply: 9V battery alkaline battery, MN1604 / PP3 or equivalent.

Housing: Flame retardant ABS.

Dimensions: 202 x 32 x 22mm.

Weight: 140g approx (excl battery).