Metrel MI3152 Eurotest XC Multifunction Tester Entry Kit


£1,279.20 / £1,066.00 excl VAT

⚡ Large high resolution

⚡ Color touch screen user interface

⚡ Pass/fail indication for loop test measurements

⚡ Quick and user-friendly instrument

Add Calibration on your PAT Tester for Optimum Performance.

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Product Details:

The MI3152 Eurotest XC is a high specification installation tester featuring a large high resolution, colour touch screen user interface.

Testing with the MI3152 can be as exclusive as conducting a one-off diagnostic test, or as inclusive as programming the instrument with specific test sequences. As such, the unit caters for the ‘Part-P’ registered domestic electrical installer completing occasional minor works or installation certificates for example, or perhaps a seasoned electrical inspector/engineer conducting frequent electrical installation condition reports.

With built-in help screens and BS7671:2008 amendment 3 fuse tables governing a pass/fail indication for loop test measurements, the Metrel MI3152 is a quick and user-friendly instrument suitable for all scopes of an electrical contractor.

Electrical installation test functions:

Continuity – two test functions; a 7mA continuity test suitable for testing inductive loads, and a 200mA test for general R1 R2 and R2 testing
Insulation resistance – conducts tests with output voltages ranging between 50-1000VDC
Earth loop impedance – carry out high current and low current (anti-trip) loop tests
Line impedance – safe to conduct tests across live conductors (L-L, L-N)
RCD – automatic and individual testing of the trip times or currents of RCDs (general, selective, type AC, A, F, B and B )
Voltage – measure and monitor live time TRMS voltage,  phase rotation and frequency
Power (option) – conduct live power and harmonic measurements
Earth resistance (option) – measure ground resistance using 2 or 2 wires
Stateless earth testing (option) – measure ground resistance using current clamps
Current  (option) – monitor TRMS leakage currents and load currents
First fault leakage current and insulation monitoring devices – test electronic safety devices typically found in sensitive electrical installations (e.g., medical applications)
Light level – measure light levels, ideal for emergency lighting contractors


  • Metrel MI3152 Eurotest XC Multifunction Tester
  • 3 wire test lead set with probes and crocodile clips
  • Mains plug test lead
  • Batteries and charger
  • Neck strap
  • Carry case
  • Metrel calibration certificate


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