Leaderman Fully Insulated 38mm Padlocks x5. LDM-PL1


£39.60 / £47.52 incl VAT

⚡ Three Month Leaderman Warranty
⚡ Simple yet Durable Lock
⚡ Useful size, reduce the amount of kit you carry around
⚡ W = 14mm  H = 19mm
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5 x LDM-PL1 Leaderman Fully Insulated Lock Out/Off Padlocks 38mm

Product Details:

The LDM-PL1 Leaderman Fully Insulated Lock Out/Off Padlock 38mm, a versatile solution for securing your equipment with ease. With the ability to set up to 1000 different combinations, this durable aluminium padlock is perfect for professional lockout/tagout procedures or as a suitcase lock.

Key Features:

  • Simple combination lock for easy memorization of combination numbers.
  • Includes 5 padlocks for added convenience.
  • Time-saving design reduces the need to carry multiple kits.


  1. Default combination: 0-0-0. To change the combination, turn the lock 90° and press down to click it into the gap provided.
  2. Once clicked in, select your preferred combination by moving the numbers while keeping the lock pressed down. Release to set your new code.


  • Three-month Leaderman warranty.
  • Compact size: W = 14mm, H = 19mm.

Upgrade your security setup with the LDM-PL1 Leaderman Fully Insulated Lock Out/Off Padlock 38mm. Simple, durable, and versatile, it’s an essential addition to your toolkit.

W = 14mm

H = 19mm

  • Set Of 5 Padlocks

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