Socket & See IRC Calibration Check Box

Socket & See

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⚡ Validates Continuity readings up to 2Ω

⚡ Validates Insulation readings up to 200MΩ

⚡ For use with any standard insulation, continuity, or multifunction tester

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Product Details:

The Socket & See IRC Calibration Check Box is designed to provide peace of mind when performing on-site calibrations using high-quality 2% resistors. Proves continuity accuracy (0.5Ω, 1Ω, 2Ω) and proves insulation accuracy (0.5MΩ, 2MΩ, 200MΩ), with universal 4mm lead terminals which can be used in association with any standard or multifunction tester.

For those testers who include a null feature, the IRC Check Box can “null out” the test lead resistance prior to providing continuity.

The IRC Check Box is pocket-sized, sturdy, simple to use, and comes with a certificate of conformity.

Key Features :

  • Verifies Continuity readings – 0.5Ω, 1Ω and 2Ω
  • Verifies Insulation readings – 0.5MΩ, 2MΩ & 200MΩ
  • Compatible with most insulation and continuity testers
  • 4mm lead terminals
  • Lead null feature
  • Pocket-Sized
  • Robust
  • Included certificate of conformity

Socket & See product number: SOC/IRCCHECK


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